The rate of unemployment is alarming. Top that up with the extended retirement age and wow, young people, getting that job is a job by itself. This led me to ask, after graduation, What’s next?





Honestly, I really don’t have an answer for that, but, I have a lets call it argument. I belive education is not the papers you get after spending a certain amount of time in an institution doing everything you are told. I belive education is the little you get from that and that’s what opens up opportunities for us in life. for example,

You all remember Bishop Kanyari scandal, well it was huge. the 310 thing was genius but trust me, the most brilliant part is when he used Potassium PerManganate to hood wink his followers.  Remember the diffusion experiments in form one? both physics and Chemistry? Dropping a little bit of Potassium Permanganate in a clear water and watch it turn purple?

Well, Mr. Kanyari used that to convince his followers of divine power and made a lot of money from it. Were it not for jicho pevu, he would be if he is not a billionaire already. Get me right am not advocating for trickery am asking graduates what is that special thing you learnt from all that time in school?


Exploit that to the end, specialise in that and trust me lack of jobs will be a  non issue. The problem with this generation, we don’t want to take risks, we want to always play safe and we dont want to lower our expectations. Trust me it is easier to manoeuvre with lower expectations than waiting for life to lower those expectations for you. Whenever you see opportunity, first dive in, then think twice.


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