hallo World,

Am in my early 20’s. A young man with big dreams. Yes, I am jobless, I have no children and I love to have fun. Yes, I may be a little careless and overly emotional. You know it is the time am realising myself and it’s a complicated process coming out of that cocoon. I have been under the care of my parents and it’s my first venturing out alone. I hate the challenges but I cherish the good times.

World, I really have plans for tomorrow. Meet a pretty woman and perhaps start a family with her. But let us leave it at meet a pretty woman *wink*. I want to start making money and at least, buy my parents something they lacked due to the sacrifice they made to feed, clothe, house and educate me. I also have ambitions of buying that top dollar phone, driving that fuel guzzler and living in that house with more rooms than its occupants.


World, what I don’t understand is, people already living that life dont want to see me grow old. You see living in Nairobi is a hustle by itself. Crossing the road alone is a gamble, some dont make it to the other side. I encounter death everyday and that is what makes it fun. No, Nairobi is not that dangerous. It’s just that in a population of over 2 million in a very small space, death is everywhere if you get my train of thoughts.

I am of the belief that I have 50 more years on this earth. At least 50 years. So I don’t get why I have to sacrifice those years for a moment. What moment? A 5 year term of a 50-80 year old. People who can write books about their lives while I can’t fill a page? Why waste my parents sacrifice? I cant bear to imagine the pain of a father who gave up everything only to bury his son a young man.


Do you get my drift world? Am selfish. Just like the leader asking me to fight in his name so that ‘we’ can gain. By ‘we’ I mean his family and a few people around him. The few of us who can’t even get near him pay the ultimate price. Death. Our family compound gets a new grave, a tombstone that says,’he had potential,’ Yet, listen to me, yet, people will be forced to cut short their speeches while burying the man you died for, yet your family wish they had more to write about.

Trust me, if you die for him, you will make it to the papers and all the international press. But as a statistic. ’50 DEAD IN POST ELECTION VIOLENCE’. That is it, that is all you will get. World, I want to grow old. Have a family to feed and defend because well am a man aint I? I want to grow old enough to see my kids make me proud.

So world, help me spread this message to my fellow agemates. I don’t want to be a lonely old man. I want to grow up with my best friends by my side, meet some new business partners, neighbours and friends. People we can talk and remember the good old days.


Dear world, help me tell my agemates to go back to their houses and fight for their future. Fight for their dreams to be president not another man’s ambitions. Young men and women learn to be selfish. Dont just sacrifice everything for just anyone. WE NEED TO UPHOLD PEACE BECAUSE TOMORROW NEEDS US, AND IF THAT LEADER CAN’T SEE THAT BY LETTING YOU DIE TODAY SO THAT HE CAN LEAD TOMORROW, HE WONT HAVE ANYONE LEFT TO LEAD, THEN HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE YOUR LEADER.




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