Today, am bashing my age mates. But before I do that, I have to confess that I come from the same school of thinking.

Now, When I started this blog, I thought I would post for a few days and command a following but looking at the stats. I knew I thought wrong. This isn’t my first blog, I have tried so many before and the same teething challenge had been sticking its head. This made me give up in the initial stages of my blogging career and it reflected on a lot of things I have done as a youth.


I start with high energy, high expectations, very aggressive and boom reality hits me like an RKO from nowhere (if you aren’t a wrestling fan, that’s Randy Orton’s finishing move). That kills every drive in me and I give up completely. So obviously I turn to gambling, quick money because that’s what my generation believes in. Playing with luck because we are too impatient and too lazy to work.

Today, am going to preach. Not Peace or prosperity but put some basic sense in some of our minds. YOUNG PEOPLE NOTHING COMES EASY. HAKUNA ZA HARAKA. You have to put in the effort. You have to work. Fail, re-strategize, fail again and again rise up. Face adversity, bleed, sweat and cry until you make it.

We cry too much. That’s what I have come to understand. The government this, our parents that, opportunities, cartels, God, devil, earth, haters, we blame everyone but us. But the real reason is that we are not aggressive enough. We are too picky. We are too educated that we have become stupid. I somehow put the blame on those who kept telling us education is everything. It is and it isn’t.

We worked so hard in school because we were told education is the easy way out. That degrees, and being a doctor, engineer and those prestigious careers. We got desperate and even tried to beat the system and we succeeded until Matiang’i came in. Now degree holders are working as watchmen, mama mboga’s, house helps, messengers.

We need to put in the effort. Work tirelessly. Work to get rewarded in ten years and not today. We have to sacrifice. Sacrifice so much that whoever is in control owes’ us. Never give up. If you know you are going to give up don’t try because you will discourage others. When you feel like giving up, take a break, keep on going and finally. Whatever you are chasing will be right in front of you.

Since I don’t have a mic to drop am going to drop my pen. You get the picture. Work with what you have.




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