So Sad! but it was just a matter of TIME

a school bus that ran over a student. Mombasa, Kenya.

My condolence goes out to the family of the deceased, nobody deserves to go through what they are going through right now, may God give them the strength to overcome their grief.

Now, am not celebrating the death of the young boy. Am just pointing out that ignorance has cost us a young life. The worrying trend is that, this ignorance is widespread. I have personally witnessed a school bus that carries triple the number of passengers it is mandated to carry. Why is this?

First most schools are businesses and the main aim of any business is to make a killer profit. So the least the number of trips a bus takes and the high the number of students it can carry at once, the greater the profit margins.

Second, a school has one bus to serve around 300 students. For the students to get to school on time the bus has to make fewest rounds possible, and overloading to save on this trip is widely welcomed.

But this accident was not caused by overloading, this was a unique accident caused by overloading but by sheer plain ignorance and carelessness.

The gap where the boy fell through

My question is, a grown up, an adult, a parent (implying to the staff who deal with the said bus). How do you allow children to sit above such an opening? Where I am from a child gets quite a mouthful for rolling down a car window. We are given such a lecture on all the things that could go wrong in a spur of a second.

Now, you let a child sit here, how and why? By just that bus driver stepping on emergency brakes, the child’s life is in danger. Now am not going to bash the government for this, though there is some huge ignorance to on their part. It is time before we rush crying to the government we first make sure we play our part to the best of our ability. For this reason alone the people responsible should receive the heaviest punishment our constitution can muster. People shouldn’t walk free after this.


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