I can’t wait…

Once upon a time I had this beautiful friend. I had a huge crush on her and I was sure despite my naivety and poverty, I could give her a good life in future. At the time I was comfortably holding the reigns of her friend zoned guys, I was the closest. almost a sister to her because I bet she would change in front of me. That’s just a guess, she actually didn’t.

Anyway, this girl had a lot of sponsors. Men, her daddy’s age mates who used to take good care of her and she would reciprocate by giving them her flesh. Her biggest problem is she wouldn’t shut up about it. She would go on about the various trips, the gifts, how some of them performed in bed and all that crap. As a guy with a crush on her that’s a lot to take in right?

So one day she comes at me with these stories of how she had fun with this mhindi (Indian) sponsor. I had heard enough. I wanted to be like this mhindi too. So I said to her,’I can’t wait for your daughter to be your age.’ Mind you she has no children.

As we speak am not even on the friend zone. Am not in any zone in her life. Especially after she recently had a daughter and I sent her a gift with a card on it on her girl’s first birthday. ‘ I was serious, I can’t wait.’



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