When Jesus Said Be Like A Child


hi everyone. Am humbled first to find the inspiration to finally start following my dreams and that’s writing and sharing to the world, the beautiful words swirling in my mind.

All my life i have been battling with an issue of depression. It has been difficult to keep friends and relationships as everyone around has grown up or faced reality. The case is i have this passion or attachment to my childhood dreams and i have never given up on them. For those i have associated with can tell you that i had a passion to be in the entertainment industry from way back when i was a minute boy playing marbles on the street.

I forgot about that dream but my passion took over and i remember my grandfather last conversation with me when he asked what i was studying in college and i had to explain the whole concept of 3D animation. He reminded me that, that was my childhood dream.

I connect this to my current social situation and finally understand that the main reason,no one is willing to stick by me is because am still a dreamer, am still a child, am still full of hope that it will somehow work out in life and i would end up fulfilling my dreams.

The pressure to face reality has been real as the world expects a 22 year old man to be out there trying to coin a living through any means possible. Well what about us who still believe and hope, those of us who still know that their day is ahead and are in no hurry but are waiting for destiny. Those of us who are misunderstood by the world and shunned because the world was not patient enough to learn from the faith we have in our dreams.

This reminds me of when Jesus said that the kingdom belongs to those who are like children. Children believe and have undying faith in their dreams and never stress on how to achieve them. Yes there is a time to wake up and start acting on those dreams but the problem is when we give up on the dreams. That’s when we give up on our destiny our future, our happiness and our God given kingdom. I haven’t given up. Have you?


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